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25/4/2013 :



May 16-June 27!

The programme is Business English at Pre Intermediate level (A2 – B1). The book I will be using is New Market Leader, Pre Intermediate.

Business English Foundation Course (Pre Intermediate).

This highly communicative course is intended to provide students with an understanding of basic business topics and issues and the ability to talk about and discuss them in English. Students will also have practise in common business situations and develop their ability to work effectively in these situations in English. Students will also have the opportunity to review and reinforce their understating and accurate use of a number of grammar issues.

Business Topics and Vocabulary.
·         Companies; company structure; organisation; operations.
·         Selling Online; developing online sales, buying and selling.
·         Corporate Entertaining; entertaining clients and business contacts, eating and drinking.
·         New Ideas and produce development;
·         Stress; stressful work situations, dealing with stress, gender related issues.
·         Managing People; Good managers, organisational behaviour.
·         New Business; conditions for starting a new business, public and private sentor organisations, economic terms.
·         Products; what mkes a product good, the best product I know / own.

Business Skills.
·         Presenting your company.
·         Negotiating; reaching an agreement.
·         Socialising; greetings and small talk, socialising and entertaining.
·         Participating in discussions.
·         Presenting a product.

Grammar Revision.
·         Present Continuous and Present Simple.
·         Modals of permission and obligation.
·         Phrasal Verbs.
·         Verb and Noun Combinations.
·         Past Simple and Past Continuous.
·         Past Simple and Present Perfect.
·         Passives.
·         Conditionals.

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